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M-Aleja Koper, institute for education and research


Institute M-Aleja Koper is specialized in working with children in the field of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematic (STEAM). We teach robotics, organize and conduct workshops and courses regularly, form, coach and mentor teams of children, giving them the possibility to get a unique cross-curricular experience, to work on innovation projects and all sorts of problem solving activities, developing teamwork competences. Our institute connects talented children with a deep interest in science and technology. Since robotics is an extremely practical way of integrating knowledge, we connect people with different strengths through good teamwork. By working with teams of children we focus on their talents, but making them appreciate the values and talents of others. They attend and compete at local, regional, national and international events in various robotics and research programs. Our teams and mentors have won many awards and trophies at World, European and national championships (www.robosuns.com), including the Coach Award at the World FIRST LEGO League Championship. We have received the Prometheus of Science for Excellence in Communication Award from the Slovenian Science Foundation.
M-Aleja is a certified Talent Point in ETSN – European Talent Support Network.

Short name: M-Aleja Koper
Address: Cevljarska ulica 35, 6000 Koper, Slovenija
Director: Alenka Malej

Phone: +386 41 697 566
URL: www.m-aleja.net  
E-mail: Ta e-poštni naslov je zaščiten proti smetenju. Za ogled potrebujete Javascript, da si jo ogledate.

VAT: SI81873689
Registration number: 3665542000

IBAN: SI56 0223 9025 8387 530
Bank: NLB d.d.

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